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Using SBA Loans to Grow in 2018

As we come to a close on 2017, I’m sure you are reflecting on the past year and making plans to further grow your business next year.  You are probably setting higher goals and considering what it will take to achieve those goals.  Perhaps that means expanding your fleet of trucks and trailers.  Or securing a larger warehouse or property for your operations.  Maybe you need to expand your capacity with new equipment.  All these things may be addressed with help from an SBA loan and Crossroads Small Business Solutions(CRSBS) is here to help you.

The Small Business Administration(SBA) is an agency within the federal government that has designed loan programs for lenders to help businesses grow.  Crossroads Small Business Solutions LLC. is licensed by the SBA to provide these loans to business owners like you so that you can continue to build on the success you work so hard for!

So what is an SBA Loan and what does it take to qualify?

SBA loans are made by lenders like Crossroads and guaranteed in part by the federal government.  It can be used for a variety of purposes such as buying property or equipment and a lot more.  By design, most small businesses are eligible.  If you are a for-profit business, registered to operate in the US, and the purpose of the loan is to help your business grow, the Crossroads may have the financing solution for you!

You can position yourself for success by taking advantage of the longer terms, competitive rates, and low monthly payments of an SBA loan from Crossroads.

We know it can be challenging to try to work with a bank that does not understand your business.  You don’t want to know about the new airline credit card or how using the new ATM is better for you.  You deserve to work with a loan specialist who understands your industry.  Crossroads(CRSBS) not only knows the transportation industry, but as a non-bank SBA lender, we are the specialists you’ve been looking for.

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